Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Theocracy" comes from the Greek word, Theos, meaning, God It means literally "the rule of God". Many people today join the Supreme Court in opposing the fusion of religion and government People fear that "Theocracy" will mean the denial of civil rights and the breeding of a spirit of intolerance. Our founding fathers were suspicious of a union between the State and the Church. However unlikely a marriage like this is to occur we must observe the advantages and disadvantages. The scale leans further to disadvantages rather than advantages.

An advantage is that a theocratic government gives a sense of unity to the people. There are no conflicts between two great forces that are essential to a society. A theocracy has more control over the country, which could be a good thing because it might limit deviance. However this also proves to be a double edged sword because without freethinking he have no future for progress which leads to the disadvantages.

Disadvantages is that with a theocratic gov, science would become extremely limited. Because most science conflicts with religion. Scientific advancement would be terribly and extremely oppressed. A theocratic gov is also very ignorant to its people it is very selfish in freedom and equality. Leaders would solely be chosen because of their position in the church and any type of representation for the common people would be completely ignored.

The base conclusion is that a theocratic government is not a stable or a good government, also a thing to keep in mind is that if government under a theocratic rule fails, this reflects poorly on the religion.

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