Monday, March 30, 2009

Theocracies:Advantages and Disadvantages.

A theocratic government is a combination of religion and politics. There are a few advantages and disadvantages of having a theocratic government. Theocracies give a nation a sense of unity; they bring the whole nation together under one belief. A theocratic government is prone to have a little more structure and discipline. There would be less but not complete opposition only because the religion and ruling is forced upon one. The fact that this religion and the concept of the god like appointed ruler might create great tension. It is not likely that all people will accept this as reality and some are opt to oppose and rebel. In the end people are lured into other religions and the ruler ends up loosing power over the people. These governments tend to restrict people and use them as means of monitary gain for the churches. Freedom is ultimately non-existent, people are not allowed to express dislikes or complaints of any kind, even if they are right or wrong. A ruler of a theocracy can easily take advantage of his power and yet no one would be able to say or do a thing about it. A government could only go as far as the certain ruler would allow it and the no one but the emperor would have a say on things. A theocracy has very limited options and can't really evolve because God's rule would always stay the same. Ultimately a theocracy would just be a cage for thousands of people. 

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