Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Greek Beliefs of the Human Body

Greeks believe the human body was incredible beautiful. That's the reason Greek sculptures are nude gods or goddest. Athletes were considered heroes because they maintained a muscular and tone body. Their body was in perfect shape no flaws what so ever. I believed Greeks thought male nude bodies were more beautiful to make sculptures off . The views of the human body between the Greeks and today's society views are similar but somewhat different. Greek's sculpture more nude male's bodies than women's bodies. In today's world the ideal example is how the body is portrayed in society are models. Models today are similar to what Greek's believe the body should look like. In this society the human body is similar to the Greek's perspective of the human body because it's intended to look perfect . By perfect I mean the body is suppose to be a symbol of beauty; flaws are what makes the body different to anyone else. The Greek's sculptures of human body has influenced this society's world in the entertainment industry. Now in television, films, magazines and the internet we see advertisements of beautiful people some with average bodies and others with amazing bodies that make us feel we should look like that. Greeks idolized the human body and at the same time I think we also do because we all have expectations of our own bodies.

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