Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The theft and destruction of antiques during the iraq war

Iraq is where civilization as we know it began. Mesopotamia is not just a dessert, it is the longest surviving area in the world. It is where all the ideas of all of our heritages and traditions began. Iraqs soils and antiques represent all firsts for the human race, and all civilizations. In recent times, the Iraq National Museum has been reported of missing thousands of antiques during war battles in this historic area. All of these valuable, irreplacable objects were all stolen or destructed during the iraq war, some dating as far
back as 3000 BC. My thoughts on this subject is that it is truely devestating. It is a loss in
ancient art, a look into our ancestors lives,not only iraq's history but the history of the
world, and a huge loss for the generations to come on this planet. Although there are guards to these museums, it is not stopping this tragedy of loosing these treasures. There is not even a wolrdwide ban on the trade of these iraq antiques. Meaning there is alot more the world could do to protect these ancient wonders.

I think these artifacts should defintely be protected, but it seems nearly impossible. How do you protect the land and objects in a place of such violence and destruction? The
only logical plan for saving the iraq antiquities are to move them all to another country, to
be in a place of safety. We obviosly protect other rare forms of artwork around the world without a problem, and i think this same concept could be applied to the antiques from the beginning of civilization.

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