Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Importance of Iraq antiques and what we should do to save them!

Iraq is the most important country in the world because it is the longest lasting place of humanity that we know of. It is well known as the cradle of civilization, because everything about it might give us clues to how civilization actually began.

All of our cultures, are originally from the Iraq area. Meaning that traditions, basic concepts, and even well known tales such as Iniana Jones all come from the Mesopotamia area. Even the craters, in Iraq are remnants of the ancient world. But benning in 2003, when coalation forces invaded Baghdad, irreplaceble Iraq antiques had been reported missing from the Iraq Museum.

The catastrophe if the war in Iraq is the loss of the most valuable artifacts of human history- where history began. The violence an bloodshed is now at the root of the loss of the world's cultural heritage. I believe there should be alot more done to replace these amazing objects beginning with an organization made to specifically protect iraq antiques.

There needs to be higher security and security devices at museums, and even a plan to send the most valuable artifacts to another country that is trustworthy and isnt in war. Another thing we could to do to protect them is seal off the sites known to have artifacts to anyone except authorized personnel.

This would protect the artifacts not in museums against Iraq looters. We also need to punish these looters. Under Saddam Husseins power, all looters that were caught faced death. But since his loss of power, nothing has been done to stop these theives of stealing the worlds greatest treasures.

I think it would help the current situation immensly if these inforcements to save the lasting artifacts from the beginning of civilization were carried out.

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