Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Historical Treasures

What are your thoughts about the theft and destruction of ancient antiquities during the Iraq war? How should they be protected if possible?
It's very sad that parts and parts of historical treasures get stealing and destroy during the war, its like a history or like a prove of human existence get wipe out from the surface of the earth. It's also like a unsolved mystery that we will never find the truth of art in the past, and we will never be able to enjoy the beauty of the ancient art works. I just couldn't believe people will sell or destroy those treasures to black market or money. Ancient art works belong to the whole world, it doesn't belong to some rich people's collections; this have long term effect to the Iraq's pride, economy and makes of history.
But what's done is done, they can't ever bring back the history. So we have to maintain what's left and make sure our children can have a chance to share and also understand the beauty of ancient art works. Hopefully the Iraq or American government can move those historical treasures to somewhere safer or using military power (if possible) to protect those priceless art works; or even make some fake copies of the ancient art works and hide the real works in a safe place because we can not afford to loose any more sign of our existence.

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