Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Iraq's Lost Treasures

I believe that it is a great shame to be losing antiquities from such a great civilization. These antiquities are all wonders from our past; treasures that opened the doors for many people into the beginning of such powerful and influential cities. It is definitely a tremendous loss, not only for art, but for the entire world as well. These treasures,artifacts, paintings were all objects that told us their stories, their secrets, their customs, and ingenuity. These precious objects are now forever gone or in the hands of the wrong people. Not only is Iraq losing its art, and museums, but it is losing its history as well; a history that is so important to them. Museums, one in particular, are now serving as barracks for american soldiers. In an article from National Geographic Magazine we see Abdul Amir Hamdany, and Iraqi archeologist struggling to keep on of the local museums afloat. It saddens me to see Hamdany desperately struggling to guard what is left of Iraq's treasures and keep the country's history in one piece and alive for years to come. I would like to believe that there are ways to protect and recover these antiquities, yet there seems to be little or no possibility at all that this is going to happen. The recuperation of these artifacts is virtually impossible. Archeologists from the area and around the globe are trying to keep guard of these ancient masterpieces, yet with the war at full blast, the lack of commitment, and lack of initiative i doubt that anything they do will make a difference. It is very sad to see such wonders from an extraordinary civilization being thorn down  to pieces, and to know that they can be soon gone forever. What is lost of this grand culture is lost forever and will never be back.

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