Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Egyptian Permanence

The egyptians were preoccupied with continuity and permanence In my opinion because they thought life was eternal after during and even through death. They believed that the afterlife was everlasting and that by burying yourself with your possessions than you would have them in the afterlife. They were deeply involved in astronomy and the searching of the heavens. Maybe the obsession with the skys made them notice the permanent stars and then revere that permanence as heavenly. Just as many of their kings were believed to be sent to a star after their death. They believed that all good things can last and a sign of success in life and the after life is lasting. To be remembered in history is an important primal drive that pushes humans to meet people and to explore. The Egyptians felt this primal drive too. There is also a primal need to feel that there is something greater than you out there and for the Egyptians the person you were in the afterlife was more important than anything else. They built huge pyramids and monuments to gods who they believe live on everyday in the stars, the heavens, and the afterlife. Pyramids were storage for the Egyptians most important people and were built to store great wealth, to protect the bodies of their kings, and to transport the soul to the afterlife. The pyramids were designed to last forever and show any future being who came across them to notice that a great king, a mangod lived and is buried "here". Most religions involve an afterlife and it is very important to the health of our souls. I suppose nearly all religions are similar in this regaurd and it was the same for the Egyptians. The strive towards continuity is in our blood and we should not be so surprised to hear that the Egyptians believed so strongly that it consumed thier everyday lives. It is religion and that is what religion does.

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