Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Egyptian Life

It is pretty obvious to most that egyptians are very preoccupied with permanence or continuity of life. When looking at the lives of the early Egyptians, they were not at the top of the social class as far as wealth. Therefore, to me they always looked around and thought they they were destined for something better. To me this hope is what kept pushing them through each day, in order to reach a greater "after-life". Some Egyptians beleive that they owe everything to their kings or kings. To show their respect to the kings and queens, they honored them by building great tombs for them. A great example of this is the great Egyptian pyramids. The Egyptian Pyramids dated back to, some say, 3000 b.c. These tombs were a sign of respect built for their great king. Unlike most other countries in which people just have a simple burial, the Egyptians, creation of their tombs, shows that they feel much stronger about life permanence than everyone else. Since we live in a time where the technology and luxury is much higher than before, I feel that many countries now feel that life is extremely rewarding to live, therefore to think about an afterlife or continuance of their life when they die would seem to far-fetched. Also if many people live a great and exciting life, then they probably do not stop and think about the after-like that they might have. This is where I see the main difference in Egypt and the rest of the world. Their poverty keeps them hoping to continue to a better life later, where everyone is living for the present day and nothing more.

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