Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Egyptian Continuity and Permanence

This is a picture of a Seminole Indian Grave, if you look through the slats you can see some of their personal possessions. This was taken in Seminole, Okla.

I believe that the Egyptians were pretty much like people today. They worked hard and gained their riches and when they died they wanted to believe that there was somewhere for our bodies and souls to go to and to start a new life. I think they thought that when they came back with their new bodies or souls they wanted their own possessions to be there waiting for them. I think during that time they did not realize or understand that our worldly riches wouldn't go with us or be waiting for us, I don't think they understood that our continuing on meant that we continue on through our children and grandchildren and that is also our riches. It's just like our religions today, they are all different and they all have their own beliefs. The Egyptians had their own, they thought their Kings were sent from heaven from their Gods and the laborers were rewarded by working long and hard and doing the Kings will. In a way there are several American Indian Tribes who are similar to the Egyptians. They don't build large magnificent pyramids over their graves or tombs but they do take( their family does this) some of their personal possessions and lay them upon their graves and then their families build houses over their graves. These houses are rectangle and they cover the entire grave and they put a triangle type roof on top to keep the deceased from the elements. Anyway, I think we all want life to continue, we don't want to give up what we have or leave our families and friends and I think we all have something in our possession that we wouldn't trade the world for, so I don't see any or much difference between the Egyptians and ourselves.

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