Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Continuity and Permanence

I believe that the egyptians were so preoccupied with the continuity and permanence because they were happy with the life they were living here on earth. I believe that they treasured their short lives more than anything. Egyptian pharaohs lives a very short life; they only lived to be about thirty-five years old. Their life here in earth was great; they were powerful, had everything they wanted, and seemed happy. Therefore Egyptian pharaohs strived for eternal life and immortality. I believe that it is reasonable to want eternal life(permanence) and permanence if you are rich, powerful, and of course genuinely happy. Not only the pharaohs, but the Egyptian people were in favor of this too. Egyptian families were brought up to believe that everything they had was there thanks to the pharaohs. They lived a peaceful life; they had food, water and a roof over their heads. Men taken to work building the pyramids were fed, had shelter, and became a part of a family. The egyptians liked, and were proud of their king. Overall the egyptians were happy people. They valued their pharaohs; therefore they too wanted continuity and permanence of this great kingdom and there was absolutely no reason for the egyptians to oppose this. This was what the people wanted. They believed that the people striving to for this continuity and permanence truly deserved it. The egyptians lived a happy life, therefore their obsession with immortality was a strong one. For the egyptians, this preoccupation was everything.

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