Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where are we headed?

The future of graphic design will be interesting to say the least. While not a physic, I’ll attempt to predict the future.

First, as we all know, the computer has changed the way we perceive graphic design and all that is related to it. After all, I remember the cut and paste days. WOW, what a change. I think that as computers become more interactive with touch screens, designs will become even more elaborate.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even be like the fighter pilots and just have to think of what we want to do for it to appear on the screen. You will walk into your studio, which will surround you in 3-D. You’ll move your hands around the space, thinking of what picture you will use and it will appear in that space. You’ll pick a color and it will appear. You’ll think about the script and it will play for you. All content will be interactive and you’ll just think about how you want it to be and it will be presented that way.

The web will keep expanding and adding more content. Those who are web savvy will design web pages but in a much different way. We will go from a printed work to a completely cyberspace library complete with artwork. You will paint interactively and be a part of the painting. No more brushes and certainly, no more clean up. Everything will be in three dimensions. Photographs will be that way too and you will manipulate them by moving your hands and fingers. They will be stored on memory crystals with great amounts available.

The future will be innovative and a nightmare. We will want to escape to the good old days!

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