Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What is the Future of Graphic Design?

What is the future of graphic design?

Graphic design has an exciting future. Some ideas for the future could include the following: 3D holographic images in place of screens. And movies will be viewed in 3D holograms. When a designer is designing he or she will be using a touch screen to create. The keyboard will be on the screen along with everything else you can imagine. The screen like in that movie “Minority Report” will be similar to what the designers screen will look like.

Technology may be the mark of the beast when it goes as far as people knowing everything about a person with out ever meeting that person. You can find out most things about a person threw the Internet now. But I am talking about knowing everything as if that person eat dinner with you and could tell you what color socks you wore last week. I am talking extremes. Designers will know what kind of style the customer is looking for with out even speaking.

It might get so advanced that all a designer has to do is think of the design that he or she wants to create and it appears. In order to make changes to a design the designer will only have to think of what needs to be altered or changed and it will be done. The human mind has a lot of strengthening to accomplish before it will get this far. In place of the software training in schools the designer will learn how to exercise his or her brain in order to think correctly. In order to think up and create the design the designer has to know how to think a certain way and be able to use certain parts of the brain that some may not know how.

Designers will be designing cars that you control with only your feet. This is so people can have their hands free for other things. Or maybe they will be designing cars that a person can tell it where you want to go using a screen and the car takes that person there with no help from the driver. The graphic design future will be exciting no matter what, I am sure of that. Whether or not it will be in my lifetime I doubt it.

Misty J Slavens

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