Tuesday, December 9, 2008

...not my best

to be completely honest, the postmodern art era is not one of my favorite movement. i consider myself moderately well-rounded and can (on some level) find aesthetic beauty in the most ghastly or sub par of works and buildings, even with this period. the post modernism movement intended to incorporate architecture into surrounding communities by scaling massive infrastructures complementing the uniqueness of the surrounding neighborhoods.

i just feel that these buildings (more often than not) are ridiculously exaggerated and many of the examples in the book are said to be in 'a state of disarray.' considering that postmodernism was the innovative and up-n-coming movement meant to relate to the community, it seems unfortunate that many of the buildings have become dilapidated structures. to me its like postmodernism was an attempted answer at an unasked question.

as for what's the next big thing to come, I'm really don't know. although I'm sure it'll resemble something already passed. as certain parts of post modernism echoed other genres of art and styles of architecture in history. it's funny, if you really think about it- what's really original anymore? doesn't everything/everyone steal (even a little) from something/someone? and what's more- does this make art a lie?

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