Sunday, December 7, 2008


Postmodernism is hard to define, because it is a concept, a style, and more of a cultural phenomenon. I really enjoy postmodern art because it is a purity in art, a acceptance or a willingness of no limitations in the medium of the specific art to achieve and embrace abstraction in a whimsical mixture of styles. Post modernism's offer something for everyone. Post modernism's architecture was described by Frank Lloyd Wright as organic; I define it as powerful. The buildings have a sense of turning with it's curves, circles, winding interior ramps,sky lite illuminated spirals to connect the gallery bays, thick walls. From abstraction to performance to figuration, Postmodern art rejects the notion that each artwork contains a single fixed meaning. That the work, is in part, a way to explore the freedom in one's own view of dizzying array of works. I really think of postmodern art as art that one should open your mind and express yourself for yourself and not because some one tells you it is good. What I dislike about postmodern art is sometimes it looks like it is forced techniques that are just thrown together and called art. maybe it is not, but I just don't get what they are doing. The future of the art world, I think will come in the form of electronic devices allowing easy access of art. Throw in expensive portable recorders, video material, computer graphics, video images and cell phones, everybody out there can become artist in a new renaissance. As art starts to give way to an electric postmodernism and art production moves to the expanding presence of the computer and digital canvases. Internet technology will surely erode remaining boundaries and create a truly global artistic world.

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