Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Joseph Albers

I must say it is interesting the ways colors effect each other as well as our mood. Joseph Albers claims that color is the most relative medium in art. Im sure this is true, but i must say. I could not look at another square at his show. Malinda and i walked around and read the info on most of the pieces at his show. I was very interesting the way he used lines, shapes, and of course, color to create pieces both entertaining and... how can i put this, thought provoking. One piece, actually my two favorite pieces went togeather. They were the same image, created out of geometric shapes made out of lines of the same stroke. One had a grey back ground with black lines and the other a black back ground with grey letters. On the firstpiece, it was really cool, the lines created...my notes cant be right, heavier lines appear lighter? Im sure it makes since. ANd on the black one with grey lines made the horizontal lines appear lighter than the verticals. It was really cool. I encourage everyone to look it up. It was labeledportfolio 1 folder 32.

Formulation: Articulation was compiled in 1972. it is not an exhibition of his art but an embodiment of his experiance.- gerald norland -1991.
Many pieces are squares framed in different colored squares which were printed on silk presses. If you take any of his pieces and change the room or the lighting the colors appear to be differant. he dimonstraits how the order of the colored boxed changes the appearance of each color. He was very good at making ver visually interesting pieces. Josef Alber is considered the 20th centuries most signifigant painters. You know the color wheel? Well with out the studies and works done by Albers, this concept would not be possible. He had many accomplishments He was the longest serving teacher at the bauhaus. he fled Germany with his Jewish wife and came to America where he taught at Yale. He actually wrote this book, thats used to teach teachers about color studies. - "Interaction of Color"

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