Tuesday, November 18, 2008

secondary master role

The “master” role has taken a secondary role to something I can only describe as art art. Artist no longer want to paint something that looks real. In fact most artistes of this time wanted their art to look as far from real as possible. The main reason for this is photography. Why on earth would you want to work at making someone look as real as possible in a painting when you could take a picture? After all it was cheaper, and faster. This is why abstract art became big. Now it idea was to create a picture of the targets inner feelings. They took it way, way past smiling or frowning though. They used what seemed to be random shapes and put them together to look somewhat like the subject. Some abstract art has a subject that is easily seen, on the other hand some look like they melted some bars together and said it was a woman. How those came to be art I don’t know. Sometimes I think if I could just teach an 8 year old how to use a blowtorch, I could get them to make me millions.
I do not think this roll persists today because our people are less public about their drug use. To me it seems that the only way to find most of the abstract art to be beautiful is if the view had taken a few shrooms before attending the art show (that was supposed to be funny). I think now days people like their art to be more realistic. This is why there are not many painters left in the world. Most artistes are photographer.

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