Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Proliferation of Imagery

Images have consumed our current day society. We have become so accustom to images that there are at times too many images to take in. At times it may seem like a “Where’s Waldo” maze but rather than crowds of people and inadament objects there is nothing but images.
One reason why images have developed so rapidly is the advancement of technology. As a society, we have leaped through history with the advancement of our technology. From the invention of the photogram to the Kodak camera to the current day digital cameras and computers we have today it’s easy to take for granted these items that we have grown accustom to in our everyday lives.

To imagine a world with out all of our current technology would be rather quiet. Reading would have to be a more common pass time. However, even books are covered with images. Whether it is a novel or even the bible. Images encompass many books as well.

Without television and radio to change the way, we see things we be a very different society. Our lives would be much less absorbed by mindless hours of television. Could you imagine what we as a society we could accomplish without the television?

In today’s society, we use writing techniques such as technical writing to adapt your writing to the busy readers that need to cut to the chase as soon as they view a document. Without the use of graphics and images, this would not be possible.

Before this so called image, explosion people saw images entirely different. This could be due to the lack of images that were available. However, just as the video “The Day Pictures Were Born (film discussed earlier in the semester) the film discussed a Turkish man would had never if you have never seen an image of a horse he had just seen an actual horse in real life. He stated that this was not a horse; he could not walk around it. It was not a three dimensional creature it was flat and lifeless.

Could you imagine to have never seen a picture or image? All I can say about that as a graphic designer I am very thankful for the graphic image and pictures. Without either of these I cannot imagine creating an advertisement or design for anything. Graphic Design as we know it wouldn't exist. WOW! A world without graphic design! That sounds more like hell than a world.

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