Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The New Role for Artists

The “master” role is known as the secondary role to the so called new role. The new role changed art in a more technology way. With the industrial revolution upon them everything in art changed. They were limited to what they wanted to paint. They painted more about what they felt or saw. Realism and impressionism gave artist a better chance to change their art and look outside the box. They could paint more open and freely about everything. They were forced to try something new and paint or make sculptors that had to deal with the changing around them. The art work showed peasants doing their daily work, farmers, or they way doctors operated on people. Also making the paintings more loosely done, almost like u can’t make the painting out, but still know what it is. I think that the new role in today’s art is still there. We still do paint about what is going on around us. Especially with everything going on, like the war and the presidential election and etc. We also have a better technology system to experience with in our art. You see a lot more pieces of art that deal with science. With art today we paint about how were feel about things, what is going on around us, and whatever we think is interesting to us. There are some people that would probably rather stay with the old role in art, while others like to be more freely with the new role. To me its how ever you look at art in your own perspective.

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