Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Renaissance Aesthetic:

Renaissance aesthetic is still to be very popular. I think that there are many reasons for this. The one I think that is most important is what the artists created during this time in history. They used light and shadow in new ways. Also realistic perspective, which I think make the paintings look so much better. I would have to say that renaissance art is probably my most favorite. I love how they have sercet messages in their art. But then again all you have to do is really concentrate on the art and you can figure out what they are tryin to explain. I think it is really amazing how they have done that. Also how they were able to make most of their paints look so real like that person was standing infont of you and not hanging on the wall. The artist really wanna open ours eyes up and look further into the paintings and not think of them as just art, I think. Each piece of art meaning something different, even if there are many that look a like. Each artist puts their own emotion into the art and you can really see it in renaissance art. Now most people may not think that about it. Or that every artist is like that. The art of this time is just so outstanding and I love the dark and bright colors that all the artists put in them. I mean I love the dark colored paintings more, but when you add the shadow and light like they have done and make the painting look so real or even really close to real. They just look so amazing.

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