Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Popularity. Renaissance aestetics

Many people believe that renaissance work never go away or disappear from our minds, and i really believe that is true, because renaissance time was the time where wonderful, even tremendous artist made themselves "the Masters" because of the usage of shadow and the study of how light impacts the human figure, all those studies that this people made have consequences even today. The perfection of the paintings and drawings that these men did was awesome and all of their techniques influences art until today. Another aspect that made this time very different from the other was that artist focused more on other subjects and not in bible's stories anymore and that revolutionized the art. nowadays we see that some modern artist are influenced by those trends from the renaissance. I really like artwork from renaissance because it inspires me, it let me thinks of how art can express feelings, or hidden messages such as the message in primavera of Botticelli that are present until this time, also it let me study paintings from the point of view of perspective because until this particular time artist reached the perfection in perspective and in depth. From my point of view i would say that renaissance had been one of the best if not the best time for art, and not just talking about paintings but also sculpture, drawings and many more. Thanks God for the renaissance because if the advances that took place in this time would not happen we would not enjoy all the art that surrounds us today and we would not have the opportunity to study and get the knowledge and inspiration from "the MASTERS of renaissance"

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