Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Renaissance

Art from the renaissance is something that is irreplaceable.  In my opinion it will never be lost or forgotten, and will always be admired as some of the greatest artwork of all times.  Not only did the great masters of art paint highly detailed fabrics with even the most minute touches of detail, but they also explored the effects of light on their subject matters.  This caused for the artwork to look extremely realistic.  They also explored some naturalism and the humanism values started being presented in their pieces.  This era in art history is when artist started studying human anatomy and creating paintings that explored their knowledge on the human body.  I think that is most interesting because whether you hate nude artworks, or you love them, the nudes in paintings will always draw you in.  Due to human nature, this aspect of artwork always gets the viewer's thought process in motion, and causes the viewer to seek understanding in the piece.  I think that renaissance art will always be admired because there is no other art like it.  Especially when looking at modern art,  you see how simple and basic art has become.  I have yet to see a modern artist that creates a piece with such diligence and with so many tiny details.  However; I also think that renaissance art is played up a lot, and in some cases it becomes 'cliche'.  Everyone is introduced to the extremely famous pieces early on.  We see the classics everywhere, so they may be being played up a little more than necessary, which takes away from their special features and uniqueness.

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