Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Renaissance Aesthetic

Renaissance art is a very popular form of art and has been for a long time. During the Renaissance era, humanism brought about the desire to learn more about not just art, but the science of art. People had a growing desire to learn, and with that came a growing knowledge of art. Knowing the science aspect of art, artists were able to understand the light, and color, and the correct perspective of a subject. They wanted to learn about the science of the forms in order to make them more life like. With this, came more life like paintings. Leonardo Da Vinci, a Renaissance artist, has been one artist who has continued to stay in the public eyes. With his interest in geology, zoology, botany, anatomy, military engineering, geopraphy, and physical science, etc. it helped changed the way he studied art. Leonardo Da Vinci claimed that all his scientific drawings made his paintings better. Renaissance art is still very popular today because of all this scientific study. The knowledge and understanding of art they achieved back in the Renaissance, they still have today. The same interest in science and art exists today and this is why the Renaissance art has stayed so popular. I like Renaissance art for the elaborate and dramatic paintings. The colors are bold and bright and are very eye catching. I find it interesting looking at a piece and trying to figure out the reasoning behind all the drama. Renaissance art holds a lot of dramatic scences and religious stories, that are very interesting to look at.

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