Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My new perspective

The day we watched David Hockney's film was one of my best days as an artist so far.The film gave me a new grand perspective on art. For me the film grounded the task of achieving complete realism. The film made the great works of old less supernatural more realistic. Hockney's film was a breath of fresh air for me. Just a week before I could not see how some of the great works could be of men. I don't feel at all the methods used to capture the outlines where cheating. Nor do I feel it made it made anything less of the masters.The lenses and mirrors(optics) used to outline the subject are a tool nothing more.
The phrase "optics don't make the marks" stands out to me very much.
The invention and use of the camera obscure to me is much like the digital art of today.
Yes, a computer makes marks with more precision than the human hand. The modern camera is the closest to cheating of any tool, but just as the camera and computer. The techniques of the masters take a beautiful mind to use to any positive effect. Any who, I think the whole thing is amazing. I plan to build and use the optics myself. It is the acquisition of such knowledge that makes me proud to be in art history.

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