Tuesday, September 16, 2008

David Hockney!

Brilliant! My hat is definitely off to the man! If that video is the truth and all the research he put into it is really his, then, I can't praise him enough. I'm not going to say I'm disappointed, or sad, it really doesn't affect my view of the artists anyhow. I don't care for many of the artists, so it may not cause the emotional stress it does on others. I feel the artists still hold much of their right as excellent painters and I think the methods they used were an example of The Renaissance styles coming about. They used the resources available to them to create great paintings. I see how in modern society this might be considered 'tracing' but in reality the only thing they traced was God's work. In some ways I see my use of computer programs to supplement my artwork as 'cheating' and feel I should be able to do everything by hand. To me, it's all the same, and only people like Michelangelo hold any special place in my mind, creating awe-inspiring sculptures and colosal works of art. All in all I guess I could say that as I was watching it, I was intrigued with the research and history parts as opposed being crushed that the artwork was aided by a mirror or lens.

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