Tuesday, September 16, 2008

David Hockney!!

The first worlds that come to mind ater watching the movie on David Hockney was “wow.” The theory he had about artists using mirrior to trace their drawings just shocked me. I will be honest that I thought it was really smart of them to come up with it and never tell anymore. I think still think that all of them were masters of art and what they have created. I mean everyone thought that all of them were so talent and great at painting and drawing, when they were cheating at most of it. That was very sneaky I don’t see how someone didn’t find out. Also very interesting how they drew them upside down. I thought that was a little strange that the images were like that. I kno that may sounds stupid that I don’t kno the reason why, but I don’t. I figured the image would just be fliped around. To actually know now that they traced their paintings now makes me not feel so bad for the times that I have done it. I feel that they didn’t just the mirrors bc they couldn’t draw. I think its because they wanted to get the right proportions and I don’t think is a bad thing. I mean if they really wanted to painting to look just right. And that is what they did, they went to different links to get their paintings to look the way that they wanted to. I don’t look down on any of them for tracing. I look up to them because they didn’t have a problem with doing it and now that everyone loved them for the artwork they created.

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