Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Graphic Design vs. Fine Art

The differences between graphic design and fine art may be subtle, but they are definitely there. I consider graphic design to have a specific goal. When a designer is asked to create a logo, web page, album cover, etc. they must successfully convey certain things. They must make certain information clear to the reader, whether it the date of a meeting, the name of a company, or the subject of a book. Graphic design is meant to make information attractive to a onlooker. Graphic designers want people's eyes to be drawn to their design so they will take in the information presented. Fine art also is often used to convey a message, but a more subtle, intuitive message. Fine art is non-commercial, it cares not what people think of it, it there to express, not to satisfy every viewer. Fine art is not created by guidelines and paychecks, it is created by passionate people just looking to put an idea into the world. Graphic designers are also artists, they are also looking to show the world their opinion, but fine art is solely for this purpose. 

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