Wednesday, September 17, 2008

David Hockney Theories

As I watched this video of Hockney Theories my first impulse was of shock and disappointment to think that many of the finest works of art were no more than a paint by mirrors jobs. I felt some what at a lose, because the painters that I saw as masters of the craft with a great eye for detail and talent may not have been as pure in artwork as I once thought. Then my thoughts turned to is it really wrong to use the technology or material available to you? I think if I were an artist of the time, I too would have used any means nessesary to get my work shown. After all, that was the way in which artist made their money and what ever it takes to be remembered. It's no different than the advantage in today tecnology with computers and better working material.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

Yeah. Nobody complains when special effects in movies improve through "movie magic." Why would paintings be any different?