Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gutenberg: Start of the Information Age.

Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press in the mid 1400's. The book refers to this as the start of the spread of information to the masses. My opinion is that he started not only the information age in his time but a revolution. His invention did make information available to more people than ever before.

This caused a chain reaction by more educated people, but as time went on commoners were able to learn to read also. This produced a great deal of freedom for the people. With this freedom came a thirst for even more knowledge. By increasing this thirst, people became even more literate.

There was a rediscovery of not only art, but science which in turn allowed people to become healthier. The arts led to the Renaissance and the science revolution associated with it led to even more discoveries. As this explosion increased, people became aware of man and education being important which led to the development of Humanism.

Martin Luther also had, in essence, became a revolutionary of the church. As people learned to read, they could form their own opinion of what the Bible says. The Catholic Church had total control over information before the printing press but afterward it was available to everyone. Because of this, people were making their own decisions about religion.

We have witnessed our own revolution with the advent of the information super highway. I would say that Gutenberg invented his own super highway. The ability to spread information to the masses was a huge change. Now everyone could learn, everyone could form their own opinions, and everyone could decide what they believed. A revolution that continues today.

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