Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A theocratic government is one where God is ruler and his will is presented through the representatives such as ministers and priests. It is a system that is under the direction in more areas than one. All governments today are far from theocratic. They rely not on God but upon their own wisdom. Government was created to have God in the center.

Some disadvantages for a theocratic government are as follows: individuals would be forced out of their old ways and forced into a new way of thinking. There might even be punishment if they didn’t adapt to the forced religion. In some countries this would include death. Which could cause bigger problems and up rises within the people. It would take individuality away from the people and have them all be in a set way of thinking.

Some of advantages of a theocratic government far out weight the disadvantages. There would be a uniformed government. The differences with thoughts and opinions would make it more difficult to be unified. Funds and financial management would be easily handled and better distributed since all money brought in would be managed together. The biggest advantage is that government would be under the direction of God. Men cannot operate without the direction of God. And government without the direction of God will bring more destruction than good. The world was created to be in a way that placed God in the center of everything and when disorder came into the world a perfect form of government became impossible.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

Whose God? Yahweh? Allah? Vishnu? Jesus? Satan?