Monday, February 22, 2010

Journal Entry 3

Egyptians seemed to be preoccupied with continuity and permanence I think because throughout Egyptian history if you look at there art work and Tombs they are always trying to present themselves as if they where the superior race making the king look to be the most powerful king and to make the tribes look powerful. Egyptians would try to present themselves as an immortal race because many believed in immortality. The Egyptians would make tombs for there kings and even make great pyramids to show there loyalty because the more work you did to please your king the more chances you would have to make it to the afterlive. In many paintings if you notice it was truely about royality making the king and the kings wifes and children taller to show there rank. The Egyptians would spend many years building such great achievments to impress the there king because they may have thought the only way to be able to see the otherside such as the outer space and stars that they worshiped they may have thought that by worshipping the king they could have better access if they where in his good will. The Egyptians also believed in carrying on the life span of the king and nobles by using there organs as a way to preserve life because they where considered to be powerful. The Egyptians seemd to stay preoccupied with permanence and continuity because this is the world they new and this is what the where taught to believe in.

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