Monday, February 22, 2010

Before I even start I just want to say that I absolutely love Egyptian history. They seem so mysterious and incredible with the things they did while they were the greatest empire at their time for so many years. And I think this is the main reason why they were so preoccupied with continuity and permanence, because they simply knew they were great. To me it seems that they had a really good life style no matter as to how low on the social latter some of them were. All the rich resources and the help of the Nile River were obvious reasons for this. Been one of the richest countries in the world they were bounded to make statements to the other civilizations and most importantly to stand out from all of them.
They seemed a well organized state because their king was as their god to them, and nobody seemed to complain about it. If you were a pharaoh, no one could come and question it. I was amazed after watching the movie about The Great Pyramids as to how devoted they were to their “god” and how much they would give him in return of his rule. All their religious believes were so important to them, and it can also be perceived through the pyramids they built. No one would build such monuments just because. They truly believed there was an afterlife and what better than to make the afterlife as good as the one they had in the present. They kept to their same believes, the same writing, the same way of drawing and all this reflected their culture. All the monuments, the artworks, the carvings, they all reflected this. They tell us their stories and share their believes with us, and I am glad that they record everything they did in the same way throughout 3000 years because today that’s what makes Egyptians, well Egyptians.

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