Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Having so many ancient antiquities destroyed/robbed during the Iraq war is a sad loss. Several of these art works were considered to many, treasures of knowledge and learning. I think that antiquities tell a story and of course share a part in history. It is said that the first writing was founded in Iraq, taking these type of physical evidences doesn't necessarily take their history away, because those living in that era know it, but it takes a piece that signifies them in history. My thoughts about theft being one of the reasons why some of these antiquities are missing is understandable. People will go through drastic measures in order to survive and it doesn't seem like much once they are doing it, but i'm sure later they will realize the importance of these ancient antiquities. The destroying and robbing of numerous of Iraq ancient artifacts in my opinion is just what will sometimes happen in life. Like a fight that could occur in a household or outside, something valuable and memorable to you could be destroyed and in the end all you can take with you is the memory/history of that piece. Or if a fire occurs in a home, to me its like a theft because it has stolen important history/ancient antiquities of your own. I truly don't believe that there is a certain way to protect these antiquities. Pieces will come and go and i believe that in a sense is how they make their own history. It keeps it a mystery of wondering whether that piece still exists or not.

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