Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Antiquities Destroyed

Scientist vision ancient antiquities as a time stamp in history as we look back into the past. For some it is a path to the past so we will know what happened and how things were done so many years ago. People did not write down daily life situations in books or journals, they carved them on walls and sculptures. They did not jot down battle plans and victories on parchment in modern day language. The written word was sacred and to most it was unknown. To have this knowledge was priceless and cherished to some. To have these items destroyed also destroys our knowledge of the past and the history that these people tried to record for future generations to gaze upon. I feel it is wrong to have these items stolen and destroyed for any reason. They should have been respected more by all those who saw them even if they did not understand or respect them for what they were. Items like that should not have to be guarded against invasion from rivaling nations. But alas people are not civil and they do not think about what consequences can come of their actions and so in war they destroy anything and everything can find to make sure there is nothing left to identify their enemies. In this case, the artifacts should have been kept in a more secure location or a more secret location and guarded by secret traps that when triggered would annihilate anything in its path.

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Stephanie Lewis said...

LOL "guarded by secret traps that when triggered would annihilate anything in its path." I like the way you think. ; )