Sunday, February 21, 2010

Egyption Strength

The Egyptians were one of the most death oriented cultures of all time. They’re fascination with the afterlife and soul set them apart as one of the most peculiar cultures ever. Power and identity were established by being unique and stubborn.
A strong polytheistic religion showed the devotion Egyptians had to the deities of daily life. By worshiping many gods they set up a culture that required powerful hierarchy to keep unity between mortal and god. Egyptians deities differed from other polytheistic religions because they resembled animals and occurrences unique to Egypt. Each city would also house a god an overseer.
Along with their religious beliefs Egyptian’s art was a way to show their strength as a populace. For almost 3,000 years Egyptian art remained stylized in such a way that it unified and empowered the people. Distinct patterns of design and subject make Egypt sand alone in the art history world.
Egyptian burial practices are so renowned that it has forever made them a strong culture in history for being consumed by the afterlife. Between preparing for death and beyond to the painstakingly planed burial site, Egyptian royalty has left behind the largest monuments of the ancient world. Within their great tombs the luxuries of life were kept for future use. It’s only because of these treasures that scientist and historians bring the past back to life.
Overall the Egyptian people of the ancient world were so set in their ways because they were successful. The people prospered for centuries and still captivate the modern world. Their entire culture was strong and unique so they kept an identity that has never been duplicated.

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