Sunday, February 21, 2010

Egyptian Tradition with Art

A distinguishing factor about Egyptian art and architecture is its resistance to change or better said the acceptance of modifications during a span of 2,700 years. This permanence served to stick with a tradition. They had consistency in there paintings, sculptures, writing, and architecture. With all the change going on around them in so many different areas of their life, their art and architecture was how they could leave a consistent mark throughout time.

In Egyptian society and culture they were set in a mold of life. Tradition was very important in many aspects of their daily life as well as in their religion. If something went outside this pattern of life they did not most likely regard it. I also believed that if they were able to keep the same style and permanence in their work it would give them and their art and sense and feeling of importance to society and history. It was one of their opportunities to “stand the test of time.” Make a statement to other cultures that were constantly changing. It was a way for the Egyptians to be seen and remembered.

They have been mostly wealthy culture throughout their history, and so were able to afford a consistency in their art. Religion and the afterlife was a huge focus on the Egyptians daily lives as well. Religion was just as set in tradition as many other things. Art and religion tied very closely together to the Egyptians. Religion to them was something not easily messed around with.

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