Wednesday, December 9, 2009

this film was different than most i have watched. to be honest it very sad and i didnt enjoy watching it. not because of how it was made or what it was about. the poor old man was just so pitiful. i felt extremely sorry for him and i realised just how ungrateful iam of my own life and lifestyle. he really hadnt done a thing at all to deserve his situation. if anything he showed many positive things in his life. such as humility, honesty, purity, and a good work ethic. this just goes to show that the world is an extremely cruel and unpredictable place. however his work reflects that he did find a way to escape and to live a higher standard of life, at least as far as his mind was concerned. but i really would like to know if this gave him satisfaction in the end, his double ending makes me wonder. also the way he would fight with God makes me wonder how much he believed in himself and what he did to be the right things to do. i will never know. he was just another confused soul in a world of similar confusion, his only escape to constantly express his emotions through his work. or perhaps his work also helped distract him from feelings he tried to escape. this man was a tragedy but unlike most tragedies he left behind a beautiful work of art. the art that was his life. i wonder if i were to have a similar work of art, how would it be. would it be so pure and so selfless. so dedicated to the life struggle of good against evil. i do believe my art would be inferior to this mans. he said that "it was too late now" but i think he might have been wrong. i dont think i will forget what i saw, and i believe that what i saw will help remind me to live a more selfless life. so perhaps his work had a greater purpose? i dont know, perhaps he doesn't either, but i like to think that the old man has received justice for a life long service.

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