Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The film that we watched, was a bit odd to me, but not completely unexpected given the circumstances in which Henry Garger grew up in. While I watched the film, I mainly just felt an extreme amount of sadness and pity for the man. It seems that no one understood him, but he was okay with that.If one is aware of Darger’s background, the pieces of work he did were not so surprising. They are however, quite unique and complex. I think they give and insight into what was Darger’s mind and by doing so, also his feelings and thoughts. He had a rough childhood and I believe that this is why so many people have trouble understanding his art. While I find the pieces of art a bit strange, I do also see why they intrigue people. He was obviously a talented artist, although you have to look deeply to find and decided what it is Darger is thinking. It was also clear, that not many people actually knew the real Henry Darger. People were pronouncing his name differently throughout the film and also some people believed him to be in various different stages of a mental illness. He seemed to pretty much keep to himself while he was living. After Darger’s death his pieces of art started to surface. I think that perhaps the most tragic piece of Darger’s life is that no one really got to see what he was or how the thought until after he died.

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