Sunday, December 6, 2009

Post modern art

To me Postmodern art and architecture is something that you have to grow and learn to like. The art is not as great as the great masters and it just seems to me that in postmodern art that the artists didn't want to try as hard. Some art works are very hard to look at because they don't seem appealing to look at. The only thing that I could say I do not like is how some pieces are very strange and some have a childish feel to them. I think the future will grow to be very amazing. I think the pieces of art will become better and better as history goes on. You never know what time will give you. When you look through history form the past till now, the future may hold great things for us. Some pieces may be about the universe and all the different mysterious things about it or the architecture may have more of a illusionism feel to it. Art could even be about the imagination and how the human people explore that. I can't really say what will be the next big thing. I imagine a lot of it will be digital photography or anything way advanced like that. With all the technology you never know what someone will go out there and create one day. It could be magnificent of it could be a disaster and some people may not like it and people may appreciate it. Art is one thing in this world that is very hard to predict.

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