Saturday, December 5, 2009

Post modern art

Post modern art and architecture I believe is something that has to grow on a person in order for them to appreciate it. It is very different than the great masters of art and has a very different feel to it. Some of the art is not appealing to the eye, while others make you feel strange. The architecture is also something that is strange. With the curving style or some buildings, it is not something you are used to seeing and this makes you feel like something might be off with the buildings. Whichever it is, postmodern art and architecture is sure to make a person feel something and I personally think with a few exceptions, very few, postmodern art is some of the most awful art out there. I can honestly say there is nothing that I really like about art from this time. It all deals with topics that most people aren’t familiar with and some of the art work is very busy, while other pieces have way too much going on. I hope for the future of art that more pieces come along that are more acceptable and have a better chance of being accepted in not only the art world, but by regular people who have no eye for art. I don’t know what the next big thing will be for postmodern art, but I hope it will be something that provokes people to think, without being weird like most of the art from this time period was. It’s unfair to compare postmodern art to the great art masters and expect them to have any chance at all, but even without comparing and letting the art stand on its own, it amazes me that it is as popular as it is.

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