Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Renaissance Aesthetic

Art from the Renaissance was beautiful and elicted emotion. Since then, the Renaissance Aesthetic is still a popular form of artistic expression. During this time, artists could express any subject matter and intelligence was spreading. Artists had many different interests and talents, which could be a reason for its ongoing status: There is a piece of art for everyone's taste. Art during the Renaissance started to break away from the church. One example of Renaissance Aesthetic would be the statue of "David" by Michelangleo. The human form depicted is perfect and beautiful. And as a piece of art, its breathtaking. The male form is flawless. But another reason why the art was so popular is because artists still are influenced by these 16-17th Century artisits. The workmanship is unbeatable and the techniques are still studied today.
I love Renaissance art because it seems the artists knew true beauty. I guess at a time without tvs and computers, artisits would have time to focus on nature's beauty. My favorite statue is "The Nike of Samothrace". Nothing is more beautiful than that statue. Its so graceous with the wind blowing over the clothes. I beleive the Renaiassance Aesthetic knew how to elict emotions and appeal to people. All of the art seemed to elegant and unique. Imagine walking into the Sistine Chapel and looking up to see an extreamly bright and welcoming fresco ON the ceiling. Renaissance art shows how amazing an artist can be and the art is also appealing to the eye.

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