Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I have mentioned earlyier that i know next to nothing about art. however, looking at the slides in class i can see many differences in the renesance art when compared to the medievil art. molstly in the form of detail. detail in the coloring, the background depth, the perspective, and the emotion, all of these look much better in the renaissance paintings. So i would assume that when looking at renaissance art a person is actualy looking at change. change from flat and dull art to more deep, realistic, and humanistic works. i have actualy seen the mona lisa in paris several years ago. i waited in line to see it only because it was so famouse. when it was my turn to look at it i remember staring at the picture and upseting the people behind me because i wouldnt move. the amount of detail was just that impressive even to someone like me. and i think that this story is a good ilistration of just how much art had improved since the medievil ages. not just da vinci but all of the art that ive looked at in class seems to pay closer attention to emotion and realistic details.

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