Sunday, September 14, 2008

An Apocalyptic Image of Today

An Apocalyptic Image of Today

The movie “I AM LEGEND” shows apocalyptic graphic design of today. The apocalyptic nature of this movie poster is shown with all of the destruction in the background. The Brooklyn Bridge, the colorization of the poster, the gun Will Smith is carrying, etc. all of these things give the feeling of devastation. A lot of graphic artists use this apocalyptic feel when creating horror movie posters. A horror movie would not be a horror movie with out an apocalyptic story line. This movie poster is just one of the many movie posters that show the apocalyptic side of graphic design today.

In our textbook it talks about apocalyptic images such as figure 6-13, “Albrecht Durer, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1498.” This image shows the four horsemen in black and white with complete devastation through out every inch of the image. It shows people dyeing or cowering down in fear as The Four Horsemen are galloping threw the image as if they were flying. One horseman holds a bow an arrow that is said to be the Antichrist figure. One holds a sward to represent war and fighting. Another holds a scale to represent famine. And the fourth sickly horsemen who rides the sickly looking horse holds a pitchfork and it is said that he represents death.

The two of these images (“I AM LEGEND” and “The Four Horsemen”) have similar concepts or messages being portrayed. One distinct message that they both portray would be devastation. The posters devastation is the destroyed city of New York. The distressed cracks in the ground, the feeling of death by not showing any type of life on earth other than Will Smith and his cute doggie are two of the way it shows devastation. “The Four Horsemen” image found in our text also shows distressed people dyeing and trying to get away. Determination is also seen in both images. The horsemen appear very determined with their body language along with Will Smith appearing determined with his stance and firearm.

Misty J Slavens

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