Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Graphic Design vs. Fine Art

There should never be a vs with art, it is all art. The thought of Fine art up on its high horse makes me shudder. What makes art art? The creative process within one, the desire to get your ideas out into the world. This can be done with pencil, pen, computer, or cow shit. So what makes fine art so fine? Possibly the snobbery of those who only paint with oils, the salon still living vicariously through these "artists." We can look back in history and see that some humans classification of Fine art is muddled indeed; Degenerate art ring a bell? So this brings me to the question, Graphic design vs fine art. I believe that if you were to truly classify fine art it would be a piece of art that someone somewhere thinks is aesthetically pleasing. Where as graphic design would be more along the line of a marketing tool, a way to encourage the general public to buy their product over the countless others doing just the same. At the same time however, I have seen ads that move me to tears, and paintings that resemble a two bit gimmick long past its prime, (thomas kinkade). So really, Some pieces of graphic design art can be considered fine art, and some questionable pieces of fine art are really just a cheap trick to make money. Its really all grey, everything is grey.

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