Sunday, May 4, 2008

What is the Future of Graphic Design?

What can I said about something that is already happen. Graphic Design future is here and is Me! Graphic Designers here in today’s day are taking totally advantage to the visual addiction of the public and feeding them more that what they can handle. Graphics not longer just single images but now computer generated forest of images that keep your eyes feeding on the same image for months at it time. And you can even hope to see everything in it. The over all picture painted clean and clear enough so you can transmit the message ant the same time you get a amazing wonder world of smaller images that keep you recreating the whole image and subject.
We started printing text on and now we print floral illustrations in such amazing way you just want to jump in it and become part of it. This is the future right here and right now. Become ink and just right on the illustrations and become part of this Graphic Design work.
I expect more colors and more freedom added to the one we already have with the image use and composition. Ad voting all rules and regulation that will margin the possibilities and limit your creativity and opening the wings or you mind in creating and sending the message with a totally personal style and passion.
Grab your pen, pencils and brushes we going to a trip into thumbnails land. After this we are going to take a fly in the see of programs that will lead us to the creation of a new Graphic world.
We got the tools and we got the imagination. All we need is to explore and take a chance away from fear of rejection and allowed ourselves to create. Do all you can to keep this new styles fresh and alive. At the end it will be all worth it!

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