Sunday, May 4, 2008

Graphic Design's Future

Having learned a tremendous amount of information in the last few months, I can't help but think of the endless posabilities that the field of graphic design posseses. This is a field in which we can see an end result as opposed to a job that has no end. If we are fortunate enough we may even have the opportunity to introduce new and unexplored territories of our field. Lets try putting it into perspective....Thoughts turned to scribble. Scribble turned into drawings. Drawings turned into ideas. Ideas turned into the world in which we live in.Graphic design allows for communication through imagination. I believe the future holds worlds we can create not only for ourselves but for others to enjoy. I'm not talking about World of Warcraft on your computer....I'm talking about World of Warcraft in your mind. W.O.W. is just an example. I don't play it.

What I'm talking about is virtual reality. I've been interested in it from the time I saw Lawnmower Man, to the opportunity of experiencing it first hand at the mall. With the development of current technologies expanding daily, I can't help but think we will eventually be able to experience design not only on 2-D surfaces such as paper or computer screens, but also through the use of virtual reality. We will eventually be able to have total-body experiences of web sites, games, sexual experiences, etc. We will be totally emersed in other people's designs. Honestly, we already are. Why not take some time and create it the way you really want!

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