Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Light in Gothic Art and Architecture

Gothic art and architecture really perfected the use of light better than any other art era did. The use of windows and natural light allowed their cathedrals and churches to really shine from the inside out. The use of this kind of light was a more economical way to show off their elabarate statues and art pieces. Before the Gothic period, it seemed as if churches were more cramped and tight spaced than the really were. However, during the Gothic period the use of light created a better sense of open space. It also gave off a more heavenly feel, with it's natural or earthly light shining down from the heavens. Then the addition of stained glass really made the religious experience seem to reach an all time high. The combination of the religious art in the glass and the way the light showed thru really made for a surreal experience to a devoted patron. The light also created an emotional feel to a patrons religious experience. It almost was a way for them to remember God was shining down on them from up above by actual light shining down from the sky.

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