Monday, April 28, 2008

The Romansque Art and Artitecture

The Romansque art and artictecture was in many ways known as the Gothic period. During this time period, most of the buildings built were cathedrals and churches. These buildings were known for their emmaculate and breath taking arches, high levels, tall ceilings, statues, pillars and windows. Not only were the arches and pillars in the buildings an appealing decoration but they also served a major purpose and that was to stabilize the building from possibly collapsing. The placing of the arches and pillars were also key. Along with the arches, statues were placed in these cathedrals and churches. These statues were often attached to the pillars in the churches and cathedrals. The statues in these buildings were placed there to represent many of the biblical charecters in the churches and sometimes even the priests. These statues of charecters showed very little expression in their faces and their clothings did not have much movement. But although the bodies of these figures were attached to pillars, they managed to show a little bit of movement through the direction of their faces looking in different directions and the "S" curve of their body. These churches were emaculate and to this day still put people in awe with the beauty that is created by the amazing levels and archways.

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