Monday, April 28, 2008

How the Romansque art and architeture reflected their time

The Romansque art and artictecture reflect their time in many ways because they are done during bascially the same period like the Gothic period. The acchitecture was built very high from two to three stories tall. ribs adn arches were used frequently to stabilize and for decoration purposes. also, there were flying buttehs, which are arches that are placed on the outside of the building to keep the walls and the ceiling form clamping back into each other, but if they placed too high it could be devasting. The buildings built mostly during this period were churches and cathedrals, these chruchs had alot of windows. in most of the churches there are areas up high that have nothing but windows. this area wasn't used for anything except the space needed for the windows. Art representeed their just as while because the art contains some expression but not alot. they kinda have a mona lisa smile and have very straight bodies. also, the statues were attached to the pillars, making it part of the church or building. most of the statues were made from the bibical charcters or priests. their clothes had no flow, but they did have some wrinkles and knees can be seen poking thru the clothes showing some kind of lean or movement. later on in the years, statues and artwork would become alot more detailed and scary appearing. their clothes would become more clingy to the skin and the heads will start to lean and look in weird directions. also, the characters would interact with one another showing the artwork had fluent motion.

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