Monday, April 7, 2008

Propaganda is made for the vast public to see and make them think about what they are reading. It is intended to show others the artist point of view and for him to make a certain point. Artist from the First World War used the same methods as the artist creating propaganda today. Then there was World War I, now there is the war against terrorism. Propaganda today ranges from getting the people to join a certain military branch, to trying to turn the people against their nation.
Here is a poster from WWII showing that together with the help of the Lord that America can win the war. There are three hands, but two of the hands are holding tools. I think this is saying that we have to have the help of the workers to support the war.
This poster like the other one is showing an arm holding a gun and an arm holding a wrench. Showing that without the help of the workers the solders could not fight and win the war.

This is a more recent poster regarding the war against terrorism. People today think that the government controls their lives, and this poster is showing just that. The artist is trying to get his point across that he believes the government somehow knows everything. And if you are questioning their methods then you are a terrorist.

In this poster the artist is siding for the government and telling people that if you’re not a terrorist then to stop worrying about what the government is doing overseas.

The use of graphic design in today’s propaganda is very strong. With the use of computers graphic artist are able to take old propaganda pictures and turn them around and change wording to where they can fit today’s issues.

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